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Swan pond



  • you prepares a home for a young woman.


  • quick marriage.
Pregnancy / pregnant Association: - new life, fertility. Question: - Where am I about to produce something?

In general:

Pregnancy mostly symbolises plans and hopes which mature in us and are realised, finally, successfully. If a dream of a pregnancy acts, this mostly points to a rather long waiting period which is necessary to bring a certain project to the end. The dreaming develops a new area of his potential or his personality. In the dream of a pregnancy it is seldom about an actual pregnancy of the dreaming, however, he can point to such in his sphere.


To Artemidoros she can mean with the Mrs. Wunscherfüllung, of course also a planned child, - to a man who 'bears' something introduces the money and property, maybe even a loving woman. The pregnancy points generally to a mental rebirth which gets luck us in the everyday life. With this vision it can concern an actual pregnancy or the wish for it. However, the pregnancy can also be a symbol for a re-orientation, for the forming of new thoughts, feelings or interests. If it is in the dream about another person who is pregnant, this points out to the fact that the dreaming is able to observe the part of itself which develops new abilities or qualities. The pregnancy of a man in the dream shows the wish, above all if this one woman dreams that this man takes over responsibility in her life.


At the spiritual work there is always a period of the pregnant walking. Patience is necessary, and the natural process must be waited.


If a pauper dreams of being pregnant, he will acquire a stately property, earn money galore and fatten up in this manner. Check and worries will strike empires against it. A married will lose his wife, - he needs as it were no more woman who gives birth to children. A single will marry a so heart-good woman, that to divide desire and pain with her he vermeint. To all remaining ones it prophesies illness. An athlete dreamt, of being pregnant and of bearing two swarthy girls. He became blind, his pupils came out and coloured schwärzlich. (Wordplay: Kore = girl, daughter as well as pupil.)



  • Dreaming to the emperor, his spouse has become pregnant and more corpulent, he will store gold in his treasuries, however, worries and grief will not be missing, - a my husband will perform excellent in his trade.
  • Seeming it the emperor whom Augusta has born a boy he will receive a threatening letter from his enemies, - worries, hardship and illness will torment an easy man.
  • he will track down
  • Dreaming of the emperors whom Augusta has given the life to a girl treasures of foreign kings and throw down his enemy.
  • it seems to the emperor as if he himself has become pregnant, his war people will win in weight of punch and conquer other empires. Dreams to him, he has born like a woman, he will lose a son or a daughter, one of his ruling areas and a big army in the fight against his enemies and fall in need and worries, - this looks a man of low state and seems to it him, he nurses the newborn child, he will be punished by the authority and be pestered.
  • be: you most sluggishly you with daring plans, - is not timid, it will already succeed,
  • several see pregnant: you will come to incommodities, - does not mix you in the matters more different,
  • see a pregnant woman: one can hope that creative plans mature and win shape.

(European ones).:

  • the woman expects new from the life if she feels pregnant, - the man transfers own plans on another object, - now all creative plans and new ideas mature and accept shape,
  • be: Luck and mental joys, - a wish will come true, - put into action call, his plans and ideas now,
  • pregnant see: Wealth, - promises material luck,
  • this dream defamation and annoyance forecasts
  • of A virgin.
  • this one unhappy respect with her man and rather ugly children promises
  • Holding to itself a woman for pregnant.
  • for a pregnant woman is this dream a sign for trouble-free delivery and quick recovery.


  • be: you lose a good friend.
(See also birth)

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