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In general:

Sponge admonishes not to take lightly heavy defamation, but to whitewash itself of it.


The sponge in the dream allows to admonish that we should be squeezed in the awake life anyhow, - this can happen by words, sometimes it will also point to financial, maybe even on the loss of the last pfennig. Who washes in the dream with a sponge, possibly does not get rid a nasty feeling which warned him about a person or a critical matter.



  • one wants to blackmail you,
  • for washing: you preserve the external cleanness and Anständigkeit, - also: massive annoyance with a discontented person approaches,
  • wash with it: unexpected dear luck will happen to one, - also: concerning the past event pangs of conscience have,
  • more eatable: Health attain.

(European ones).:

  • see: if recommends cleanness and cleanness, - one should begin against defamation of character in spite of carefreeness, because one also forfeits, otherwise, the favour of an important personality, - to himself: one is cheated by somebody, - also: People in the vicinity badly talk about one. One intervenes, otherwise it will bring to a damage.
  • shop: meant health,
  • give away: Friends and friends acquire,
  • wipe off with it something: signals that one will fall victim to own stupidity,
  • wash with one: one will disprove a defamation,
  • wring out or squeeze with the hand: News gets to know and sees new from which one can derive benefit,
  • a sponge a high-ranking admirer means
  • for a woman in the army or navy.


  • for washing: moderate your stinginess,
  • eat (mushrooms): you will reach an old age,
  • collect: a lot of trouble and little success.

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