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Swallow's nest


Swallow's nest often announces that one will soon marry. If eggs or boy are in it, the wish for children stands behind it. The destroyed nest warns about domestic strife.



  • see: domestic luck and glad future, - for single: his own home soon have, - quick wedding,
  • see destroying: Envy will hurt you,
  • destroy: you will be in way of your luck yourself.

(European ones).:

  • see: if domestic luck,
  • promises
  • see building: meant foundation of own household, with married embellishment of own home,
  • with eggs see: if a baby or even twins in, with older people tells grandchildren,
  • with boys see: if joy promises by children,
  • old people her boys in it see feeding: if longing for children or child children,
  • betrays
  • exclude or destroy: one will bring himself around luck and peace,
  • other see exclude one or destroying: Luck and peace of own family life are threatened by others,
  • stop somebody from excluding one or from destroying: benevolent people will help one in the need.

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