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In the psychological interpretation the shooter (hunter) is valid as a symbolic shape for an aim-oriented action from which one changes the subject other rather: One would freely like to be able to decide, when one puts which step - around then unhindered and only 'to the shot come' to be able. In the traditional interpretation: If one dreams of a protection, one loves a person whom the wanderlust torments and which rather wanders 'by the woods, as that he takes off his boots and remains in the room'.



  • you will fall in love.


  • Being you yourselves the shooter, soon waves to you luck in the love. If you dream of another protection, you should take your friends and friends more exactly in inspection. Other statements depend on with which is shot in the dream what is the aim and whether it is met. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • or armed citizens see: you will take part in festivities.


  • shooter: you will get to know a man of honour.
(See also zodiac)

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