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In general:

The person is aware of the need for a sure place, and this becomes rather clear in the symbolism of dreams. The symbols which show this protective need reach from the snail house up to the umbrella. The dreams in which protection is picked out as a central theme draw the attention of the dreaming as a rule to the fact that he has (lifted out) himself too much exposed, or urge to him not to let dominate from his uncertainties too much.


In his active form protection can manifest itself as a care in the dream: The dreaming grants protection or shelter. If this applies in the dream, he protects with it maybe a part of itself against injuries or difficulties. If he receives, however, protection, he is aware of that that there is in his life a protecting power which holds the hand about him.


At the spiritual level protection in the dream embodies a space in which to a person no harm is done and in which he can express himself safely.



  • see against defamation and danger, find: you do not need to despair, everything will well go out,
  • find: quick wedding,
  • look: you search a good friend,
  • give: loyal friendship because of love.


  • look: multiple luck,
  • find: your debtors hold out you.

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