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In general:

A bowl with food shows the ability of the dreaming in the dream to feed other people and to support. A bowl with flowers can symbolise a present or a talent, while a bowl of water symbolises the emotional spectrum.


Hollow containers like bowls, bowls and vases are associated as a rule with taking up and receiving aspect of the female, intuitive side.


At the spiritual level a bowl stands in the dream, above all if it is filled with water, for the female principle and for fertility.


The plates and bowls symbolise the real lifestyle. One must judge these objects by her value or after whether they have become smaller from small form greater or from big form whether they broke if they were whole or again became whole if they had broken, and the change to the better than a good one which is to be understood to the worse than a bad portent.



  • see: are invited to food,
  • empties: the future will be better than up to now supposes,
  • full ones: watch out for extravagance,
  • with fruit: Health and long life,
  • broken: in the immediate future one will get away in a certain incident with the fright, however, should arm itself against forthcoming difficulties, - also: a luck gets lost.

(European ones).:

  • full with food see: one will receive an invitation or get visit, - also: one should restrain himself in future something and divide better Having and property not to get in need,
  • empties see: Disappointments and fright, - hope or an expected visit or an invitation is not realised,
  • drop or break: new sociable traffic find which brings to a luck and advantages,
  • from one eat or drink: it is unnatural - provided that one is in love, one must count on difficulties and should not marry the first object of the affection.


  • break: you get a present,
  • shop: you have annoyance / frustration in the family,
  • smash: Zšnkereien,
  • see: an invitation,
  • earthen (from earth): modest living.
(See also 'vessel', 'bowl')

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