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In general:

If the dreaming is shot in his dream, this is a tip to injured feelings. In the dream of a woman this dream symbol can stand, perhaps, also for the sexual act. In addition, the dream symbol possibly registers that the dreaming fears to become the victim or the aim of the fury of other people.


Symbolises upcoming decisions which would quickly have to be made. Besides, however, the shot can sometimes go off to the back what indicates our lacking energy to bring order in a certain matter. If we hear single shots, a cataclysmic event maybe announces itself, - a regular gunfight is going, we will come to a tricky situation. If the dreaming shoots in his dream, he must maybe learn to manage with his fears. Besides, it could concern a preventive measure by which the dreaming avoids meeting the parts of his personality which he rejects. If he is on a shooting gallery, this lets assume that he left in his present life exactness.


If the dreaming notes a shot or shooting in his dream, this is called from spiritual view that he is aware of the need of guided strong energy.



  • hear: surprise at something, - also: by a friend are asked for help,
  • deliver: one feels notable from his people not enough and would like to attract attention with all means,
  • are shot or are shot: deeply injured feelings by a suffered disappointment.

(European ones).:

  • hear: one will make a sad experience,
  • try to kill a living being: if is a bad omen,
  • shoot and miss the living being: one will overcome his difficulties,
  • are shot and die: one will face by misunderstandings with friends to unexpected difficulties,
  • to the death escape by awakening: one will reconcile himself later with his friends completely,
  • are shot by a priest: a friend will annoy to one which represents another opinion than one himself.


  • hear: you will fall in love.
(See also gun, revolver, 'shoot' and other firearms)

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