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Association: - Strength or burdens. Question: - What is I to be carried ready? Which load is too difficult to me?


Shoulder stands for energy and energy with which one masters what one gets encumbered. If one weeps in it, one longs for consolation and help, - another weeps in own shoulder, points mostly to sympathy.


Strong, meaty shoulders are for each of good premeaning, excluded for people who sit behind castle and bolt. Since if they also mean virility and success, they bring the latter only bad luck, - these will have to endure the sufferings even longer, because her shoulders are still resistant. Ill shoulders mean the opposite of the just described, often also death or illness of a brother, - then the shoulders are fraternized as it were together. A man dreamt, he wants to see his shoulder half, however, it does not manage. He became one-eyed and could see in this manner, because he lacked the eye on the concerning side, the shoulder not. It dreamt somebody, he carries an amount of shining gold on the shoulders. He went blind as a result of the beaming shine of the gold, - as was to be expected, it blinded the vision of the weight-bearing.



  • remarkably high and spreads have: your strength of character will win, - also: you take the life of the light side,
  • narrow ones: one expects of you too much, rejects it.

(European ones).:

  • high, healthy and clarifies: you are strong and firm,
  • naked ones see: it announces to itself a happy idiom which allows to see the world in another light,
  • the own thin see: one makes himself more different dependent with entertainment and spare time of the mood,
  • a broken scapula: Nuisances,
  • swollen: Frustration with house comrades,
  • another lays his head to your shoulders: somebody appeals to your sympathy or auxiliary readiness,
  • lay own head to a foreign shoulder: now one needs consolation or an auxiliary-rich person who reaches to one under the arms,
  • weep in one: one left once his free run, a good friend will help to one, on this occasion.
(See also 'body')

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