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  • The scapulas mean because the arms hang on them, wealth and virility of the brothers. If somebody dreams, his scapula would be struck by a suffering, his brother will get in bad distress, - he has nobody, the evil about his nephews or the narrowest relatives will come.
  • becoming more firm and stronger
  • Being the scapulas, the dreamer will have to the called his joy.


  • The scapulas mean of the man's lawful wife or the mother of his real children. If somebody dreams that one of his scapulas dislocates or has broken, wife will fall ill, or it will come to marital rows, but not to a separation.
  • Seeming it one, his scapulas have become bigger and stronger, his wife will play the big lady and he her instructions like a subordinate follow.
  • Dreaming to one, his scapula has jumped out by a dislocation, he will fast lose his wife by the death, - a woman has this dream, will die her daughter, she has none, the narrowest female relatives.

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