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School board

In general:

Board (to the writing) mostly asks to learn from experiences. Now and again she points out to the fact that one needs advice and help. If one wipes the board, one must probably say to plans and hopes goodbye. If one recognises letter, word (words) or figures on the board, these are interpreted, in addition.


If one writes in the dream on a school board and watch other besides (often happens in reminiscent dreams), one is just about in the awake life to repeat an old mistake. If one sees scrawling other on the board, one should rein his love of mockery in the everyday life something. If one wipes a board, one wants to wipe off past from his recollection or make a mistake not once again.


(European ones).:

  • advises the wide learning to be able to get lighter over heavy times,
  • a black school board: stands for misfortune,
  • see white chalk writing on one: promises bad news about an ill person and threatens finances by imponderabilities of trade.


  • you should incur no debts, because you will have difficulties to pay back them.
(See also letters, chalk, teacher, school, table, word (words), 'figures')

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