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In general:

Debts should warn after old dream books about wrong friends. Partly a feeling of inferiority appears in it, then one fears that one remains "a little bit 'guilty" other, does not have a lot of value of them.


The dream symbol debts often refers to a guilt which one has loaded on himself. Where and how you have made yourselves guilty? Old actions should be processed internally and one should clear away these 'soul mortgages', so that the mental harmony is disturbed not permanently.



  • have or make: your action manner introduces in you no praise,
  • pay: you will look conciliatory.

(European ones).:

  • promise rather bad and forecast worries in the business and in the love,
  • make: you live on foreign costs, - Li> warns about wrong friends,
  • own have: business success expects,
  • enough means have: the matters will find out a positive idiom,
  • pay: Worries,
  • debts have
  • others: the coming financial loss,
  • of believers one: one maybe asks too much from the debtors,
  • get paid-up: one must count on a loss.


  • have: you have contact with wrong people,
  • make: your relations will make amends if you show more seriousness in the work,
  • pay: do not trust to the hypocrites,
  • pay for others: your good nature is used.
  • meet a debtor: you will be cheated,
  • debtor be: you act fraudulently.

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