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Association: - general situation, ground. Question: - How well am I connected with the world?

In general:

Shoe can embody a position or the firm state on the ground of the reality, - above all with women he often also expresses sexual needs. The following accompanying circumstances can make easier the exact interpretation:
  • in shoes go a lot of time involved announces for a little repaying thing.
  • beauties, comfortable shoes stand for success, outworn for failures.
  • one makes
  • Losing one a shoe, maybe an interesting acquaintance.
  • purchase of shoes warns about empty promises more different which one may not trust.
  • business problems should indicate
  • of clogs.
  • brown shoes promise a favorable idiom in an important matter.


The shoe is a dream symbol for the mental or spiritual setting, the location of the dreaming. As in the reality, shoes also betray in the dream a lot about her owner, therefore, their colour, state and purpose is to be followed with the dream interpretation also always. However, it can also be that the shoe wants to register in the dream whether it concerns with the dreaming a person who has filed her children's shoes which stands henpecked or whether it concerns in the extreme case a shoe fetishist who sees a spare object for the female genitals in the shoe. Very much hochhackige shoes or boots can point to masochism. In view of Freudians the sexual act is meant with the Hineinschlüpfen in the shoe, the wish to become intimate with a person. Really many dreams of shoes point to the coming love affair. Mostly, however, shoes circumscribe the spiritual or mental location of the dreamer in the awake life. If him the shoe presses because he does not fit, something depressing on the soul lies to him, he would like to slip under circumstances in another skin. In this case one should try in the awake life to adapt himself better, - then for what we long, a number seems to be for us too big (or too small). If the shoes sit comfortably, we can be very contented with ourselves and our activities, and it will walk alone everything almost from. Repair-destitute shoes point to a weakness which we know for a long time and against which we have gone forward only not enough. Not to be able to find his shoes, shows a lack of decency, - the dreaming is aware of his immoderate behaviour.



  • see or have: be away on the right one,
  • see as a pair: you will go on the trip,
  • new ones: successful appearance,
  • yellow ones: one laughs at you,
  • black ones: one wants to make an examination,
  • knows: Wedding and christening,
  • from varnish: you go to a wedding,
  • from rubber: you go to a secret love affair,
  • to confines: in depressing relations get,
  • shop, in general: you still have a wide way before yourself,
  • useless ones shop: one will easily cheat you,
  • travelling shoes shop: you plan a big wandering,
  • allow to measure: you must be directed after your income,
  • outworn shoes in themselves or others see: one will have to raise a lot of care to straighten again a thing,
  • pull: you are enterprising and succeed,
  • depart: your trouble was fruitless,
  • give: a risqué enterprise! (then the recipient could go away from us, or one wants to get rid of him)
  • give away: you give up a good thing rash,
  • lose: a loss will sadden you,
  • mend: Poverty,
  • of wood carry: your coarseness and arrogance brings you disadvantages,
  • of wood see: disagreeable effects cannot influence you,
  • wets shoes: Illness in the suit, care!


  • Dreaming one, he wears new shoes, oppression and chains of his will wait, - departs somebody who languishes in chains, it becomes the shoes, of the chains single, - who is pressed by need and worries, this will shake off.
  • Seeming it one, his usual shoes have burst, his farm-hands will become weak and ill, he has none, is valid the suitable for his hopes and his trade, - his shoes have burnt, he will be robbed by the prince of his farm-hands.

(European ones).:

  • unambiguously female sexual symbol,
  • see: in the next time one will have many Laufereien,
  • new shoes see: are an omen for advantageous changes,
  • shoes for others shop: it are made to a promise,
  • shoes for themselves shop: one still has a long distance before himself to achieve the aim, - also: Promises are not kept more different,
  • new ones pull: meant luck,
  • new comfortable shoes pull and carry: promises a successful way,
  • new and fitting ones get as a gift: if recognition and help,
  • promises loyal and reliable domestics or also
  • give to somebody: either one wants to get rid to this person, or he will soon go away from itself,
  • own broken and dirtily: one comes along by thick-skinned criticism enemies,
  • outworn ones see: one will have to go forward very carefully to settle again a rather disagreeable matter, - with the instantaneous situation one is contented anyway by no means,
  • old torn ones pull and carry: tells a fruitless way in,
  • too more narrowly: points to an unwieldy or difficult way, - feel to disagreeable jokes of the companions put out,
  • not engaged ones: there comes to losses, quarrel and illness,
  • mend: Losses,
  • even blackened, have: stands for an improvement in the shops, - important events satisfy,
  • at night
  • are stolen from one, but still socks own: there threatens loss, but there also waits a compensatory profit,
  • lose: Fights,
  • find a lost one: one will make an acquaintance,
  • is good lost and intact: from an acquaintance becomes a good comradeship or partnership,
  • is old lost or is torn: one will experience little joy in a made acquaintance,
  • find a without man one: one will soon make the acquaintance of a foreign person,
  • A young woman who finds out admiration because of the shoes on her feet in the dream should be careful and not permit to new acquaintances, in particular to men, to approach her in close way.


  • of wood: you will lose customers of your business,
  • shop (health shoes): your feet are not healthy,
  • (travelling shoes) buy: you will start a trip,
  • new ones see: good times,
  • new ones pull: you will find out disagreeable, - your advancement is complicated,
  • old ones: you will get by a friend in big difficulties,
  • brown ones: everything will turn to the good,
  • black ones: believe other not everything,
  • collect: think also of the others,
  • many see: you are involved in a process,
  • from straw: is careful, one wants to cheat you, - Li> protects you from usurers,
  • torn ones: you will find out Zurücksetzung,
  • clean: you will enjoy esteem and love,
  • mend: peaceful existence,
  • lose: important loss,
  • give away: you do good works,
  • allow to measure: your enterprise is good.
(See also slippers, clogs, clothes, mules, shoe soles, shoemaker, boot)

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