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In general:

Also in the dream a symbol for a well protected secret - (important) information which keeps 'certainly' and 'under fastener' is.


In her we want to keep like in the cupboard something before others certainly what could mark us, however, as a close person. If the drawer is open, we are too credulous towards our people a little. If it is closed, we should investigate in our character whether we do not close mind too much to advice more different.



  • you should forget the old person and begin anew.

(European ones).:

  • see or talk: if light illness announces,
  • closed: Quarrel with the partner have to whom Li> to a lot of worries will make,
  • open and see empty: Warning before a theft,
  • see an open one: if a luck-like omen, - harmonious times is in the partnership,
  • be unable to open one: one should take before the coming annoyance in eight,
  • Dreaming a woman of her drawers or her underwear, she will not be loyal to the man whom she loves.


  • open: you strive yourself in vain.
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