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Association: - Unsuitability, too small. Question: - Where in my life - or by whom - I feel small made?

In general:

If the dreaming shrinks in his dream, this means that he would like to return in the childhood or to a place where other people take care affectionately his. In the everyday life the dreaming maybe finds out that he loses the face or feels small, and this can be expressed in the dream by shrinking. If the dreaming sees how a little bit or somebody shrinks, this can mean that it loses his power about the dreaming or he. Shrink also announces that something becomes less important to which one gave up to now too much attention, - this can also refer in the positive sense to worries and problems.


The dreaming learns to handle with himself, while he recognises, like inevitably, but also as small he is in the big plan. This can express itself in the dream by a shrivelling process. With it takes the Bedrohlichkeit of the dreaming for itself and for other people.


At the spiritual level follows after the perception of that as small the person is within the scope of the bigger whole to belong the certainty, to this endlessly bigger cosmic Ganzheitlichkeit.



  • A disappointment in the love.

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