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Association: - Organisation, come along to the work. Question: - What is to be performed ready?

In general:

If it concerns with the desk in the dream an old - possibly around an old school desk or an antique desk - the dreaming should maybe return to old values, habits or apprenticeships. If it is, nevertheless, about a usual office desk, the dreaming must maybe think over as he can better master in future his everyday life.


If the dreaming sits in his dream at the desk of another person, this could be a tip to missing trust in his own abilities.


At the spiritual level the desk reminds of the fact that everyday rituals and discipline can be spiritual methods in the everyday life helpfully.



  • Your post is sure to you and you succeed.
  • before it sit: have to work.

(European ones).:

  • he is closed: one must count on bad news,
  • sit in an open one: everything will go well,
  • sit in one and write: one will soon close with somebody friendship which lives a long way off.


  • the science has done it to you.
(See also table)

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