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Association: - Expression, tape from experiences. Question: - What would like I to take up in the acts?

In general:

In a dream of the writing the attempt expresses itself to transmit information which the dreaming owns. On this occasion, the writing tools can matter. Thus a pencil is less lasting than a ballpoint pen what can be also transferred on the quality of the information. Typewriter or computer let assume that it concerns rather a business one than around a personal matter. Writing encloses parts of the personality which one recognises bit by bit clearer and better understands. If one dreams of writing down a row of name and addresses, this one reminder can be to think of his friends and to take notice from his enemies. From the figures which appear in the dream and are to be assigned to one of both groups one should take down all statements - this could turn out very useful.


As in the reality, clarity is brought by writing down often also in the dream in thought and feelings which allow then a specific action. One wins with it more insight into himself. Has to the dreaming fear not to find the right words or to finish not on time the writing, it can be that he has a slope to selftormenting employment of himself and his character. As a creative act the writing is a form of expression which allows to the dreaming to confide freely if the direct conversation for some reasons is impossible. In the dream the dreaming can find out how he can communicate with himself in different kinds. The other points it to the fact that we should not necessarily keep to verbal engagements because they could be easily knocked down by us or by others.


The dreaming of his spiritual progress is not possibly aware. A dream which has the writing to the contents points to the fact that he leads a sort of protocol in the subconsciousness about that.


From the right to the left indicates to write, one will afford any crook's piece and do down somebody by deception and tricks and damage, often also, one will do adultery and put secretly illegitimate children in the world. I know somebody who became a writer of mockery songs after this dream experience.



  • a letter: trust your friends not too much, - also: you will get from friends news,
  • a map: you must give a refusal,
  • letters: the matter needs thorough consideration,
  • a poem: you are in love,
  • see corresponding: one would like to transmit in a being close person important information,
  • according to a regulation: your efforts will be worthwhile,
  • only learn: one will reach only by hard work to the success,
  • see: somebody thinks a long way off of you.

(European ones).:

  • write something on paper: Nuisance,
  • write: in a thing one should get involved not in loose agreements, but exist on the written, - also: one will make a mistake which leads almost in the downfall,
  • write backward: bad premeaning,
  • see writing somebody: one should not be fixed in a matter too much what would be regretted later,
  • in the wrong direction to write (from the right to the left): registers that one will earn his money in dishonourable manner,
  • see a writing: one will reproach to one for careless behaviour, - a process can become embarrassingly for one,
  • try to read a strange writing: one will only escape from enemies if one does not proceed on new black ice.


  • you will make an important decision,
  • even: good news from the circle of friends,
  • leave: do not count too much on your friends,
  • see: you will soon leave this place,
  • well and nicely: you will receive praise,
  • badly: your request is turned down,
  • operates: you act craftily,
  • see: you go away from home, however, soon return.
(See also alphabet, acts, letter, letter, reading, paper, typewriter)

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