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Association: - release from emotions. Question: - What I have to do by force


A warning dream! They should hear 'the shout' and being drawn the attention to something important. Do you remember the dream scene? From it could close itself who shouts or what 'after you'. - Sometimes one also wakes by his own shout - a reason for the relief, because it can have concerned only a nightmare. express?



  • you has longing for a person. Heart woe.
  • hear: one calls you and needs you, give way to the internal voice.

(European ones).:

  • shout: Dream of the opposite, - luck-promising dream, - glad message, - happy surprise,
  • with joy shouts: bad news,
  • desperation shouts: everything will go well,
  • hear that of a donkey: is valid as a sign for joyless news or disturbances,

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