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Association: - strong connection. Question: - What do I join?

In general:

The screw in the dream is a symbol of the connection, in particular of the sexual connection. Screw can stand for a disagreeable, tricky matter in which one should not allow to get involved. The wish for security and holding on of the achieved often also appears in it. If one screws a screw, one wishes a lasting respect with an another, - which shows loosened screw against the fact that a respect has substantially got worse. If one them in the dream used to repair something or to build, this refers, perhaps, to a creative work or a project which one just plans. Can everything be joined together säuberlich? In this case one makes in the awake life good progress and the dream calms to one.


Screws in the dream indicate at works which seem pointless if one does not see them in a bigger context. Screws prove a more long-lasting connection than nails and, hence, indicate that the dreaming builds on something which should be long-lasting. In addition, the dream symbol can stand for a situation in which the strain of the dreaming increases, - the external circumstances or the ambition of the dreaming put on to him thumbscrews. Hence, the screw can appear in the dream as a token for physical or mental pains. Who screws the hold pencil in the dream, a connection wants to form maybe more firmly with which to him has lain very much. If the screw finds no hold, a relationship, sometimes also a professional connection, is not very sure. A rusty screw registers that a relation has wore out in the course of the time. She has in the Traumsprache, however, also a sexual meaning. Besides, screwing a screw is understood as a symbolised sexual intercourse, the screwdriver is seen as a male limb.


At the spiritual level screws in the dream embody the feeling of satisfaction which appears at a made good work.



  • see or apply: stick to the old person, - also: one wants to force you to something.

(European ones).:

  • see: what one has, one should stick, - dull duties must be mastered, - one will soon lose something what one owns for a long time and what lies very much with the heart, - irritated friends must be calmed, - one should be sparing and careful,
  • screw: one will produce a lasting connection with another,
  • a loose one: a useful connection threatens to go to the breaks,
  • lose: meant the loss of a useful connection.


  • find: you will well talk in the society,
  • of the ship: only do not hasten, everything comes as it must come,
  • shop: do not get involved in disagreeable things,
  • see: you are mocked.
(See also bolt, nail, 'rice nail')

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