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Association: - Preservation of an idea or identity? Question: - What have I put away?

In general:

The cupboard as a vision stands on the one hand for order and conscientiousness, however, on the other hand, he also symbolises restrictions. The dreaming will have problems to unfold freely his personality, because he is influenced by a person, the control of him would like to exercise. On the other hand, he will be able to enjoy by his ordinal sense and his clear thinking in the life still many advantages.


In him one wants to close something which seems valuable. This can be somebody whom one would like to close in the heart, - however, this can also be a dear-become habit which one wants to protect anxiously. If we open a cupboard and see in it everything well-organised, then our relations are ordered in the awake life also excellently, and our heart runs about before nothing but love and contact happiness. If everything is in the cupboard, however, in mess, we do not know how to arrange our feelings, we play around between well and nastily.



  • see or own: Protection of the possession, - also: sends a reminder to the order in personal and professional things,
  • closed: you are curious, - also: more friendliness and compared with obligingness other would be better,
  • openly: you will warmly conceive, - also: is more careful towards other,
  • completely clothes: Wealth and prosperity,
  • blank: a good friend has left you,
  • unlock: you have the possibility for the success even in the hand,
  • open and things hineinräumen: his matters fix,
  • clear: you will be prodigal,
  • obstruct: you have lost your faith and your trust,

(European ones).:

  • the symbol for own body which gives together good or bad advice,
  • according to state of affairs with the cupboard
  • see: one should keep something that one would like to throw away or destroy, because one will use it still urgently, - also: now one should bring order in his personal and professional matters,
  • look: one watches out for flatteries,
  • opener: advises to be more careful other people compared with a little,
  • a close one: now a little bit more obligingness and a friendlier behaviour would be recommendable,
  • see a clean, full one: is synonymous with pleasure and comfort,
  • see an empty one: stands for lack and grief,
  • acquire an old one: Advantage and joy.


  • shop: Improvement of your situation, - prosperity,
  • keep a little bit in it: you must economise,
  • see: Sincerity makes more popular than reserve.
(See also 'piece of furniture', 'key')

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