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In general:

By the dream of a chimney the dreaming steps with a very old image in connection to be able to escape namely with that, from the worldly and ordinary in the freedom of the sky. Every opening in the roof of a house, temple or tent shows the knowledge of a state change which is maybe an important part of the growth process. This vision can also symbolise the feeling that one let down sometimes steam, should free itself from depressing.


The chimney and escaping of smoke show the canalisation of energy in a more productive form.


At the spiritual level the smoking chimney in the dream can be a symbol for an emotional Überladung.



  • you cannot hold your money,
  • see (smoking): domestic comfort, - also: good salary,
  • see cold one: one will soon feel lonesome and unabandonment,

(European ones).:

  • many see: disagreeable events announce themselves in the life, - also: rash news about illnesses is delivered to one,
  • of a factory: if means prosperity, - luck-like events,
  • see one with ivy or wine kinds of overgrown ones: from grief or the loss of relatives big luck will originate,
  • a fire in a chimney: promises of positive,
  • see smoking one: promises quick good success and from it after good chances to earn money,
  • no smoke climbs up: Success will appear only in distant future,
  • hide in a chimney corner: Grief and doubt will torment to one, - in business matters it looks sombre,
  • a collapsed one: if worry and death promises in the family,
  • a young woman climbs down in a chimney, she will make herself to an Ungehörigkeit guilty and release dismay among her colleagues. If she climbs in a chimney high, it will still be able to escape forthcoming difficulties.


  • see: you are treated unfairly,
  • see smoking: Prosperity, - you will find good salary.
(See also Eating, chimney, chimney)

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