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In the traditional interpretation everything was valid particularly beauties (person, animal, nature, object) as a luck omen. In the psychological interpretation: One wishes, everything should become 'nicer, one is harmony-destitute and can start with hard challenges or difficult people in this phase absolutely nothing. For the next one rather wants to get the 'clarified' version of all presented.



  • Giving not so much on the appearance.


  • one of the best omens of the Persian dream symbolism: To dream of beauty big luck promises to the person concerned in the social area and unusual success in the love. The more completely the beauty, the greater are luck and success. The dreaming person should enjoy without fear and doubt, even longer her luck will stop. However, she should remain absolutely loyal, because infidelity is the biggest danger for her future luck. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • be: Illness and bad luck for you,
  • other see nice: Illness and bad luck for a friend,
  • a well-proportioned and nice child points to love and a happy connection.
  • A nice woman brings luck and profitable business.

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