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Coitus can stand symbolically for something new which one begins in the life (testifies), and then is understood mostly as a favorable portent. But also really the available sexual needs which become false-contented in the dream can stand behind it. Artemidoros believed, would be bent his own woman beizuschlafen, if they to it, can be laid out for both spouses only well. However, an indignant wife turns this good impression in the opposite. According to opinion of many modern psychologists the coitus with the bosses or female bosses points to a support in the occupation because both agree in the objective. Generally the dream of the coitus admits conclusions on the power of the dreamer. A not carried out coitus can be interpreted accordingly as fear of lacking power. Often is the stranger or the stranger (she) with whom one sleeps in the dream, nobody else than own partner from whom one maybe wishes more warmth in the awake life


This symbol stands with younger people for unaware sexual wishes and at the late age for new creative plans.



  • Dreaming one which owns arable land he sleeps with a nice woman, he will have on varied Wise joy in his fields, he owns none, a nice, wide piece of country acquire.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he operates with a virgin, will be tendons and the hottest wish come true, - a man by low birth will attain rich means from the authority which give, however, fear.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he sleeps with a known prostitute, he will get joy, however, they allow to notice nobody, a man from the people will make his luck and find his good living.
  • Seeming it the emperor or a prince, he has a relationship with a married woman, he will ennoble her gender, equip with rich gifts and lend such a high rank to her man as the rumour of this love affair became known far and wide in public, - an easy man has this dream, will have the family of the woman of the Beischläfer advantages, - a pauper will be richly roofed by the aforesaid woman.
  • with The mother or with sister indicates to sleep, one will pocket to one which is not worth it goodwill, therefore, hard reproaches and regret his action.
  • in general: reveals the wish whose implementation is not mostly possible, - often a sign of an unripeness and disharmony.

(European ones).:

  • purely sexually to understand, - at the later age plans for new creations,
  • with the lovers: if good registers in topical dear problems,
  • with the wife: Grief,
  • with several: the conduct or the sexual wishes are dissolute a little bit or immoderate and could bring disgrace.
(See also desire, coitus)

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