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Association: - Reward, Nascherei, pleasure. Question: - To what extent do I want myself gehenlassen or am I afraid of it, me gehenzulassen?

In general:

The chocolate stands for a temptation which goes out from people or things of your surroundings, but she also indicates a lot of strength and health. Maybe one also wants to 'bait' somebody with chocolate, or wants another to catch you with 'sweet'? The colour can also refer to a man or a woman in your surroundings.


Who nibbles in the dream, has longing for physical and mental 'fusion' with a beloved person. One would like to take pleasure 'in the sweetness of the love'. But if you take just a slimness cure, chocolate dreams are rather 1:1 tip to what you first of all 'unrestrained enjoy' would want.



  • bitter ones eat or drink: the appetite will be spoilt for you,
  • sweetens eat or drink: you have secret joys, - (72, - 76) health and well-being,
  • give away: you get new friends.

(European ones).:

  • says that one provides for his darling with big devotion, - also: Signs the coming present,
  • see: one should free himself from his enjoyable and rash dependence with food,
  • eat or drink: Luck and prosperity, - brings strength and health, - also: one will recover after a problematic phase fast again,
  • chocolate chocolates: signal the best correspondence with business partners,
  • plain chocolate: if illnesses or other disappointments,
  • promise
  • get as a gift: promises a good companion,
  • give somebody: one would like to win with pleasure a certain person for himself.
(See also 'sweetness')

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