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String / lace

Association: - Joining, hiding. Question: - What would like I to tie together? What restrains me?

In general:

If dreams of strings, tapes and ropes act, this deals with connections. The meaning depends on whether the dreaming is bound or carries out the connection - both can point to submission under a bigger strength. In every respect there is Einengungen and dependence which becomes evident in such dreams. Gang according to feeling can limit, but be releasing also. Moreover, the following accompanying circumstances often play a role:
  • Schnurknäuel asks to bring more order in the life, - this can also refer to processes in the unconscious.
  • a packing tie aforesaid that one would not like to divide his thoughts and sensations with his outside world.
  • one puts on
  • a string to somebody, if one liked to exercise about this control.
  • string untie a laborious work announces and it will succeed one in solving an incriminating problem as well as in maintaining his position among his people.
  • string boast warns about a disappointment.
  • string of a package open promises a big happy surprise.


If the dreaming is aware that he is tied up, is caught or laid in chains, this points to the possibility that his emotional has got Itself out of control. However, maybe it is also necessary that the dreaming thinks about the gang of duty and affection.


At the spiritual level the string shows the change of the conflict to law and order, from the chaos to cosmic order. The silver string is the subtle energy which holds the life energy of the person in the body.



  • see: Connections come,
  • involved: irritating disputes,
  • untie: some complicated matter will find a happy solution,
  • involved disentangle: Riddles solve,
  • of silk: heavy misfortune and grief,
  • from phloem: you can still hope,
  • golden or silver ones: you will be honoured,
  • shoes lace: One gives you one more time to reflect.

(European ones).:

  • by good mine to the bad play one will come to the train,
  • see: if is a warning that in the business difficulties appear which are to be overcome only hard, - one is connected with many people friendly, - big attraction is too own from which one should go on,
  • most carefully to use, - in close future a trip
  • with a knot: stands for an especially tender friendship with a person,
  • untie: even if at the moment a matter seems extremely complicated, this confusion soon happily resolves,
  • untie around a package: one will experience a friendly surprise, - announces success by own efforts,
  • burst around a package: if failure of a thing announces,
  • boast or burst: if a bad disappointment tells in,
  • see nicely rolled up or well-arranged: one will experience a dull thing, the next time will run out quite uneventfully,
  • see a confused ball: points to muddled relations, - finally, one should bring order in his chaotic life,
  • Schnurknäuel disentangle: one will have to make a bad play good mine, - also: if means the solution of an engagement,
  • as an ornament: one becomes beloved and are respected,
  • knot: Strengthening of a friendship.


  • your situation will make amends,
  • golden ones: one will respect you and distinguish,
  • silver ones: you can calculate on the fact that your wishes will come true,
  • from hemp: laborious days,
  • see complicated: you will come to difficult relations.
(See also tape, thread)

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