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In general:

With this dream symbol it is at first important which meaning of the tailors has in general for the dreaming. Every employed person develops certain abilities and competence. In the case of the tailor it is a matter about exact work and of 'to tailoring' something new. These qualities are it also which should be appealed by the dream with the dreaming. One understands tailor (in) also often as a warning of superficiality, - then one is easily deceived because one is guided only towards outward appearances, or too much value lays on own appearance. If one sees him at the work, points out on it that one depends in a certain matter on help.


The role which plays this dream figure gives instructions to how the dreaming estimates his creativity and his abilities. Tailors are people who should do something for us what we are not confident ourselves what comes to us, however, zupaß. The tailor in the dream indicates our lacking courage in the awake life to act own-creatively the missing determination, sometimes also the 'not more wide skill' from own strength. If we ourselves are in the dream the tailor, we must venture in a certain matter something to come to the aim. If he dreams of a tailor, this can also point to a person who carries the surnames for tailor.


At the spiritual level the tailor is a tip to creative ability in the dream.



  • see or meet: one will make headway only by diligence, determination and zeal in the life,
  • deal with him: one pays attention more to his external appearance,
  • see working: your diligence cannot release you from your poverty,
  • takes measure: one wants to catch you,
  • sartorial test: you have secret dear intentions,
  • see themselves as such: One should take more trouble to remain in form and to do justice thereby other.
  • be: one feels strong enough to finish all difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • is a portent for worries which will meet one with a trip, - also: one does not rush a conjugal connection and goes once again for his feelings on the reason,
  • see working: you will have necessary issues, - reminds of the saying 'clothes make people',
  • deal with one: finally, one should pay attention to his external appearance, because it displeases others,
  • order themselves from a tailor a suit: sends a reminder to the payment of own debts,
  • take with a measure: if signals quarrel and disappointments,
  • allow to work with him or her: one does not know how to help himself in a thing,
  • even one be: one should exert himself more to do justice to the expectations of the others,
  • for itself clothes make: promises a nice success, particularly in the love,
  • make for other clothes: if a good trousseau promises for itself or the children,
  • have a misunderstanding with one: one will be disappointing about the exit of a project,
  • this dream means
  • for a girl that she will marry an inferior man.


  • see: in the family odd will occur,
  • see working: you will acquire property,
  • see coming to the house: you will have high expenses,
  • of him are deprived of measure: you try to like somebody.
(See also dress)

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