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In general:

One interprets reaping mostly as a separation, - this can refer to the person who frees himself past or aims, ideals, hopes and values, from which one. Sometimes it also points out to the fact that one has 'cut himself' in a matter, will achieve so no success.


Stands always for a venture - all the same what is cut. This venture can possibly run in our favour, nevertheless, in most cases we find out that we have cut ourselves 'in the finger' if we believed to be able to assert ourselves in adventurous manner or with brute force what could be had reached with brains probably much lighter. The reaping points in the dream to the aggressive driving force of the dreaming. However, it can also stand for partnership problems as well as on a separation or discussion.



  • to itself and bleed: hard fall ill,
  • in the finger: you are expected longingly,
  • bread: domestic luck and satisfaction.

(European ones).:

  • means according to success of the reaping separation or luck in the love,
  • to itself: warns about carelessness, - one is aware of the Gewagtheit of an enterprise and still does it and one also falls thoroughly,
  • in child dreams: Castration fear,
  • food for others cuts: if joy at a reunion,
  • promises
  • food for themselves cuts: announced success of all kind, in the love or in the business,
  • cut of other things: if a separation or estrangement tells in,
  • plants or grain etc.: business success.


  • to itself: an unexpected, friendly reunion with a beloved person.
(See also power, knife, 'nails', 'scissors')

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