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In general:

Snowman requests to the Kaltblütigkeit in a matter.


We ourselves are translated the snowman whom we build in the dream: We should face with a little bit more warmth and warmth our partner. If the snowman already stands all ready in the vision, we make the reverse experience, namely that our partner takes care presently not too violently of us, but to us the cold shoulder points.



  • you is disappointed by the love. also: He wants to remind us to be not so coldly to others, because it could be wrong laid out to us, even if it is our nature.

(European ones).:

  • see snowman: one will find a chill lover or a chill lover, - also: Warning of shivery contact with others, because this trait is wrong interpreted.
  • build snowman: temporarily one should be ice-cold up to the heart.


  • you will been deceptive in the love.

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