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The schnapps as an upper concept for all highly concentrated alcoholic beverages can refer as a dream symbol to an addiction trend, as well as to aggressiveness. One says that schnapps makes aggressive and appeals with it to the change in awareness which is bound to the pleasure of highly concentrated alcohol. As a spiritual drink, as one also calls highly concentrated alcohol, this dream symbol refers especially to the spiritual component of the consciousness change. Schnapps drinking in the dream is associated often also with wickedness.



  • grief and domestic misery. You should not lose the courage.
  • drink one: one needs energy, however, has a wrong image of how one attains them,
  • sharply tasting: you need an impulse to carry out something certain.

(European ones).:

  • leads to follies and introduces only grief, misery and poverty,
  • drink: one wants to get new energy, however, Li> looks on the wrong place for it,
  • sharp schnapps: now one needs a strong impulse to pull through a certain thing, finally.


  • drink: your domestic situation is not particularly.
(See also alcohol)

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