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Association: - Exhibition, prosperity, status. Question: - Which value do I have? How do I show him?

In general:

Jewellery refers as a rule to the fact that the dreaming owns something valuable in the life or could own. If another person gives him jewellery, this documents with it the esteem which he brings to the dreaming, - the dreaming jewellery gives away, then this means that he has to offer something to other people. Jewellery in the dream shows the qualities which he has acquired by difficult experiences which he appreciating in himself and can show other person easily. Jewellery can also symbolise love which the dreaming gives or receives. If a woman gives jewellery to a man, this is a sign for the fact that she feels drawn to him.


The jewellery is a status symbol in the reality. He can express the wish for affection and recognition in the dream, but also if is dreamt of a lot or very impressive jewellery be a tip to validity striving, vanity or at rather unrealistic desires of the dreaming. Jewellery (decorating) illustrates that one does not present himself sincerely outwardly, but inclines to exaggerations and selfoverestimation because one strives for respect and validity. Who puts on jewellery in the dream, also wants to dress up in the deliberate life to deflect others of own mistakes. If we give away jewellery, we want to force a hearty relation with our environment because we are maybe persuaded of ourselves and of our abilities not too much. Jewellery in the dream is often a symbol for the feelings which the dreaming brings to himself. It plays a role whether the jewellery is valuable whether it concerns a forgery or cheap costume jewellery. This admits conclusions on the self-esteem of the dreaming or on it, how he is estimated by other people.


At the spiritual level jewellery in the dream shows honour and selfrespect without vanity often linked with it.



  • Dreaming one, he carries a chain from precious stones and pearls, he will agree a very high state velvet and govern well the people, - he loses the chain or breaks them, he will lose office and dignity.
  • Seeming it him, the precious stones and pearls have been robbed to him, he will badly govern the people.
  • on the breast a golden little bag to carry distress, oppression and illness prophesies, - the dreamer pulls out the little bag, he will shake off the distress.
  • he will unite
  • Carrying somebody drop earrings, beauty with power and generate a daughter because of the ears.
  • Seeming it one, he carries a girding of gold, precious stones and pearls or a Schärpe, he will get in the middle of his life big power, a good name, rich possession and a son who does credit to him.
  • gets as a gift one several silver works of different kind, one will entrust him with secrets, and he will win according to the number of the pieces of power and wealth, - these valuables have been handed over him in a bag or another container, one will entrust him with a secret and give money in preservation.
  • Receiving one of somebody a silver Schärpe and puts on them, he will travel with the imperial express post by official order, do this well and come to wealth.
  • Carrying somebody in both ears massive pearls, he will experience in his daughters and his wife joy, - the ears mean because women.
  • Melting somebody in a furnace gold or silver or he melts the metals in a pit, he is accused and are punished by the ruler.
  • Finding one a silver ornament, will torment need and delusive worries him.
  • he will find
  • Acquiring somebody an amount of big pearls, according to their number of wisdom, knowledge and joy in his house. Pearls mean joy and wisdom according to her size. If it concerns an amount of small pearls, wisdom and joy of lower degree will be. Often all this also means fear of the authority.
  • Decorating one his garment or his coat with pearls and precious stones, he will get joy and even more power if he is a ruler one from the common people will shake before the authority and tremble, - this jewellery is due because only to emperors and rulers.
  • Dreaming one, he finds a Hyazinth, he will marry because of love a woman, - he buys the precious stone after weight, he will close a marriage contract with her and discover wickedness and belligerence in her.
  • Taking one a golden wreath of a dead person or from a grave and it seems to him that his stones have grown pale, he will win of a hostile ruler money and property.
  • swallowing
  • Having somebody a pearl, he will attain wisdom and be incredibly in word and action.
  • step or goes for one on pearls and precious stones, he is blinded, his faith despise haughty, - it seems to him, he buys them to own them, he will be a custodian of the right faith.
  • see: you have many wishes, however, only a few will come true,
  • shop: you are prodigal,
  • own: if you want to keep your money, handles more economically with it,
  • carry: your vanity strikes,
  • others see carrying: it is worth, themselves not estimate wrong and not to be deceived,
  • get as a gift: by other people it will be brought to an esteem, - joy and luck,
  • give away: one has the wish to offer something to a being close person or to influence positively, - also: the love is not real,
  • dress up with it: one inclines to get excited excessively about insignificant things,
  • lose: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • find: new love is at hand.

(European ones).:

  • pieces of jewellery see: her darlings or darlings are undecided, - if does not carry the heart on the tongue,
  • more broken: points to bitter disappointment concerning one of the most tender wishes,
  • severely damaged: one is deceived by wrong friends, - commercial worries stand in a queue,
  • carry: one should not be so futile and haughty, because thus one makes to himself no friends,
  • see in others: one is deceived allzuleicht towards other people and estimates this absolutely wrong.


  • pearls: Luck and satisfaction at the age,
  • silver: Annoyance and illness,
  • see: Vanity brings heart grief,
  • carry: Luck, satisfaction.
(See also precious stones, gold, pearls, silver)

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