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medicine wheel:

Key words: To dreams, - protection, - reassuringly, - curative, - grandmother moon. Description: Sagebrush, in the internal circle of the medicine wheel the plant of the grandmother Mond linked with water, is called with botanical name Artemisia vulgaris what means that the plant can be found nearly everywhere. Sagebrush was used from age because of his tonic effect as a tea, packet and smoked work. The herb finds use in the Chinese acupuncture and should help against menstrual discomfort and labour pains pains. Sagebrush looks reassuring. He supports the dreams and, therefore, is important for the dream work. With rose sheets, lavender and camomile sagebrush is an important component of dream cushion. It helps at the work with the lunar energy and should be a plant which promises protection. General meaning: Support in the dream work, - strengthens the female portion of your being, - work with the emotional ones and the shadow nature. Association: Sagebrush, with foot, lacking freedom of movement. Transcendent meaning: An important gift of the protection, - deep understanding of the forces of grandmother Mond.


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