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Greasepaint / make up

In general:

Ordinarily expels greasepaints to the ability of the person to change the impression which he makes on others. If the dreaming makes himself up in his dream, he establishes for his environment - or even for itself - a facade which helps him to improve his self-image. If the dreaming makes up another person, he helps him, a wrong - maybe also improve - to make impression.


The greasepaint applied in the dream is like powder camouflage means, - maybe we keep quiet in the awake life about something, hide our insecurity behind ostensible arrogance. If the dreaming deals with greasepaints, this means that he can select it to himself which kind of person he shows outwardly. If we see in the dream made up people, we should be careful with a choice of new acquaintances.


At the spiritual level the dreaming of the facade which he shows to other people must realise.


It means nothing good to have made up itself the face, - it says that the dreaming is not flawless and flaw. A young man from Paphos dreamt, he has made himself up the face in women's kind and sits at the theatre. He was caught at the adultery and excited a scandal.



  • see: are cheated,
  • make themselves up: you want to conceal something, - your acting will be soon exposed,
  • see himself with greasepaint in the face: Warning before wrong light! One should demonstrate nothing to himself and other.
  • made up people see: one takes before wrong friends in eight.

(European ones).:

  • shop: Honourary insult, derision,
  • see: sends a reminder not to let deceive from the light,
  • use: the attempt to cover up something, will not succeed,
  • other make themselves up or see made up: one has a disingenuous friend in his surroundings.


  • even: you will have to defend yourself to your skin,
  • others: Betrayal.
(See also facade, cosmetics, powder, cheeks)

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