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Smiths forge / smith /

In general:

He is man of the iron and the fire. Both elements serve him in his work. He is especially hard such a Hephäst, a creator of that what in us and is unbending. He stands, a dawning shape, in the firelight of the soul. Smith's dreams are if no personal respect with this respectable craft or with bearers of this name exist, dreams of the change. Our being lies in the fire of the suffering, and the destiny, an internal power which knows what is good for us strikes very hard. Our internal personality is forged. The smith even in his dark sooty workshop can look like a demoniacal God, but be used also to man of the 'lower fires'.


Smith (en) interprets energy, energy and creativity in with which one should perceive the chances of the life. This can announce a big luck if one exerts himself only enough. In the fire the iron is cleaned and transformed to pliable steel. The smith is the artist who works on it. In the dream he has maintained this nearly alchemist's broads trains. The smiths is a similar vision like the kitchen. It is a place of the change and conversion. The man with the smith's hammer points to a hard stroke of fate which turns up our life, nevertheless, in the positive sense. About his fire our internal personality, hammered becomes as it were so our character.


The smiths and the standing position in the anvil indicate excitement and griefs, to a marrying, however, a woman who is good-natured on the one hand, because of the bellows - they blow because together - on the other hand, cantankerous, because of the hammers, - then these hit noise.



  • you has strict superiors,
  • see forging: one should use an unusual, but unique chance,
  • forge: heavy work get, - also: you bring a bride in the house,
  • to a horse adapt the horseshoe: one will be allowed to be glad about continual luck,
  • smiths: domestic luck, - also: you have a hard life.

(European ones).:

  • see: if luck and living promises by strains and good wills to the work, - laborious enterprises will bring positive results,
  • see at the work: sends a reminder to forge the iron, so long it is hot, - also: with the hammer in the anvil on iron sparks hit: the more sparks hit, the more seriously the disputes in the dear affair.


  • see: your luck is big.
(See also 'anvil', 'flame', 'hammer', 'cooker', 'copper smith', 'furnace')

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