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Association: - Let go. Question: - Which old structures is I to be dissolved ready?

In general:

If the dreaming observes the process of the Schmelzens in his dream, this is a tip to the fact that his feelings become softer. Maybe he loses the severity which was earlier necessary, so that he could position himself to the world. The dreaming goes through an important change and becomes gentler all together. One can melt only together with other symbols (for example, 'ice') understand. In general it asks to solve mental Verhärtungen (often in the feeling area), to shut maybe also in a discussion to the other.


If the dreaming feels that he melts, he possibly develops romantic inclinations and drives himself less. Maybe it is in the time to pause quietly and to give the opportunity to the situation, to develop on account of her own dynamism up to the point in which it feels sure for the dreaming to give up the control.


At the spiritual level a symbol is to glazes in the dream for the devotion.



  • you is receptive to flatteries.


  • something: Joy.

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