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Key hole

In general:

If the dreaming peers in his dream by a key hole, this shows that his ability, to see and to understand in any manner is affected. In the traditional dream interpretation the key hole stands for a symbol of the female. The interference could be due to the setting of the dreaming towards the female.


Because ordinarily to a key a castle and with it also hears a key hole, the dream in a sort of confusion refers between the internal one and external.


At the spiritual level the key hole symbolises in the dream that the dreaming enters carefully the area of the elated.


(European ones).:

  • look by one: one will uncover a secret,
  • observe by another: one will abuse the trust more different, - disputes,
  • other catch at the Hindurchschauen: one has wrong friends who do not respect the privacy,
  • cannot find the key hole: one will hurt unintentionally a friend.
(See also 'castle', 'key')

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