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To gulps / hiccups

In general:

The dreaming who swallows something in his dream takes something - besides, it can concern knowledge or information - in itself on. If he swallows his pride in the dream, this is a stimulus to be more modest in future. If is to be swallowed a little bit only hard, this shows that the dreaming has the wish to overcome an obstacle.


If the dreaming holds back a feeling or 'runterschluckt', it will express itself in his body. Will swallow in this manner to an act of the suppression which can be extremely injurious.


The dreaming maybe takes up more spiritual knowledge than he can process. It would be recommendable to go forward a little more slowly and 'to digest' spiritual lessons more systematically.



  • swallow: are quiet about right time brings profit,
  • hiccups: Annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • have hiccups attack: if a trip forecasts, - also: unexpectedly quick fulfilment of a big wish,
  • a friend him has
  • : if this one separation forecasts.


  • in the dream sleep: you take a confidential pleasure,
  • have: Insults.

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