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Association: - Canal in the river of the consciousness, passageway. Question: - Which feelings flow through me?

In general:

Gulch warns about the risks which one may take not thoughtlessly.


The way, between two mountains hindurchführt, has something menacing in itself. Translated one would be able to do him with a mental distress from which there is only one way out which lies in our personal behaviour agreed. If we see somebody other in a gulch, we will maybe release a being close person from a compulsive situation.



  • see: you have disputes with your loves, - also: one is in the concept to damage other person by mindless action,
  • get lost in it: bad news will move you into a hopeless situation,
  • stay in one: one should watch out to commit a big mistake by mindless action,
  • fall in one: a sudden misfortune, - are in great danger, - your enterprise has failed, - also: one would be warned about frivolous action, so that one would not be exchanged a modest luck with an uncertain future,
  • other see in it: a being close person itself in a predicament considers, Li> needs the help,
  • see in it a predator: watch out for the adjustments of a dangerous enemy,
  • stand on the edge one: one will have to overcome on his life still several obstacles and, besides, his fears and inhibitions have to overcome,
  • cross: your friends give you help,

(European ones).:

  • announces damage by carelessness and negligence it can cause one pressed situation,
  • other see in it: to a pressed friend one should come for the help,
  • stay in one: one is on a dangerous way,
  • fall in one: in a difficult matter or situation one must take up the help more different, - also: frivolous action brings the danger of a fall with itself, one should be rather content with a little more modest luck.


  • see: you will damage to your friend by Thoughtlessly,
  • hineinstürzen: heavy obstacles approach you,
  • do not find out again: you will get in bad society.
(See also mountain, narrowness, mountains)

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