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Castle (door)

Association: - Security, be enclosed. Question: - What am I ready to disclose or to put away?

In general:

Door lock: It is bad, feelings 'wegzusperren' to get rid of them apparently. In the dream a castle draws the attention of the dreaming to the fact that he must release everything what he has enclosed. If the dreaming breaks open a castle, this shows that he must fight against his inclinations to keep everything behind castle and bolt to escape from his inhibitions. If the dreaming repairs a castle, this is a tip that somebody has penetrated into the intimate sphere of the dreaming. If the dreaming locks a door, he has concluded with a certain aspect of his past. Castle stands for obstacles which one can master by reason and application of the right means prudently. If it cannot be opened, however, one will fail.


If the dreaming notes in his dream that a part of his body is blocked, this refers to the strong tensions under which the dreaming stands. Possibly he must dissolve these tensions at the body level to keep his health. If the dreaming recognises that a door is closed, a usual sanctuary is not available to him any more longer. It can also be that a certain action manner is not measured any more or that his emotional reserve becomes conscious by him.


At the spiritual level a castle can symbolise in the dream either that to the dreaming a new freedom is protected, or that the way is obstructed before him.



  • see: preserve your secrets,
  • in the door: Reminds us to repay in a certain matter Bad with good, so that one does not stand before close doors,
  • in the box: Care before thieves.

(European ones).:

  • requires that one should always hold, at least at the right time, mouth, because garrulity generates more misery or misfortune, - sends a reminder in a thing to the care and restraint, - mostly means confusion,
  • cannot open: promises obstacles, - one will make fun of one, - dangerous trips bring no success,
  • can open: you will succeed in the life, - new perspectives arise for the future, - also: one will discover that somebody wants to injure to one, - in the love it means that one will find means against a rival, - one will go on a successful trip,
  • open by force: complete failing of an enterprise,
  • to the curtain: if means security,
  • lock: one will spoil for himself a future prospect,
  • lay around neck and arm of the fiancées: one does not trust of the fiancées, - the future will show that this is groundless,
  • cupboards and drawers closed and cannot find the key: bad sign, - one should be very careful in financial matters and avoid speculations and risks of every kind,
  • find the key later: one will come by the difficulties, even though a warning.


  • for closing: would be warned about thieves.
(See also 'prison', key ',' door lock')

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