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Castle (building)

In general:

Castle (building) points to pride, arrogance or vanity if one lives in it. If one sees it, however, this can promise respect and success.


As well as the house the castle and the castle in the dream are also pictures for the soul area of the dreaming. That which dreams of a castle (building) lives a little at the cloud cuckoo's home, floats above the realities. The splendour construction also sometimes circumscribes the arrogance which comes before the case. Who sees lying the castle on a high mountain, has an aim which he will achieve only after many Mühsalen. Castle and castle are strong buildings, from protecting walls surround, therefore, they also often have the meaning of the archetypal mother's symbol. Often it is pointed out with these visions to a mother's complex.



  • of close see: you fantasize too much, - you will experience a disappointment,
  • see at the end of the way from wide ones: of good future go towards,
  • own: Luck and wealth,
  • stay in it or live: your relations will noticeably improve,
  • enter: your wishes come partially true, - honour and recognition,
  • see burning: your hopes will be ruined, - loyal love will betray.

(European ones).:

  • one exaggerates his life advantages by splendour and arrogance what will soon fail, - one is too imaginative and dwells on with pleasure to his nice dreams which leads necessarily to disappointments,
  • see an old, weinumranktes: one will be very romantic, - one should not get involved in an undesirable marriage or an unintentional enterprise, - the shops will soon worse go,
  • see one nearby: promises a glittering rise,
  • see lying in the distance: warns about arrogance and arrogance,
  • are in one: one will own enough money to form the life by the wishes, - the views are good to become a globetrotter,
  • inhabit: by arrogance one will come to case,
  • operate in one as a guest: promises a distinguished and high-powered Gönner,
  • leave: one is robbed of his possessions or lose a being close person by death.


  • see: you achieve good success in the business, - fulfilment of a wish,
  • burning: hard times come up to you,
  • inhabit: you will come too much money.

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