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Ice skates

In general:

Ice skate can (run) on a well-balanced personality point, for it there speaks above all the dance on the ice. If one moves uncertainly or breaks in the ice, warns about own clumsiness with which one ruins good views.


The aid with which one moves on the ice indicates the overcoming of a problem, getting on in a personal matter.



  • in the hand: disappointed hopes,
  • run: what you undertake, you explain with skill, - also: happy days without worries,
  • others see going: it will be difficult to catch up your rivals or to surpass.

(European ones).:

  • see: are valid for a danger which one can escape only by care or skill, - warns about clumsiness, - warns about the loss of the job, - discord promises among colleagues,
  • well run: by skilful maneuvering one will achieve a nice success,
  • run uncertainly or, besides, fall down: with a plan it comes to failures because one gets involved in things which one does not understand,
  • break in the ice: questionable friends will give to an advice,
  • besides,
  • are injured or other: Coldness will work abusive on an one or other,
  • see a skater: quick success appears if one goes forward, besides, 'morally cleanly',
  • others see running: one should follow an example, - also in others: unpleasant people will associate your name with a scandal, - this concerns a person whom she admires.


  • see: you have annoyance in the house,
  • run: happy success,
  • others see running: Stockung in shops.
(See also ice)

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