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Sledges (as a horse team)

In general:

Sledge should promise after Old-Indian dream interpretation that one achieves an aim fast. However, risks can also exist, in particular if he tips over or one takes part in a sledge running.


A sledge seems in the dream mostly in connection with a winter scenery. Nevertheless, the symbols ice and snow mostly point to the need and the loneliness of the dreaming. They warn about getting frostbite at emotional level. If the dreaming pulls up a sledge with luggage behind himself in the winter scenery, this means that he load with problems and probably in a crisis according to feeling is. Who makes progress in the dream with the sledge well, possibly has success on smooth parquet. If the carriage stops with toboggan, one will maybe give himself in the awake life a nakedness which can also point to cooling off of feelings. If another on our sledge goes, we can easily drive with him or he with ourselves 'sledge', that is one gets severely the opinion said.



  • see: a hopeless time approaches, - also: secret wishes,
  • go: one may count on success which one has to ascribe to his own achievements, - also: you soon have a love affair,
  • of others see driven: One should take deception of hopes, - before swindlers in eight,
  • expect: Wealth and luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: announced a dissatisfied pleasure, - if one wants to succeed one must adapt himself to the given relations, - also: one will be unlucky with a love affair and pull the annoyance of a friend on himself,
  • go: Li> promises a success,
  • pleasure and joy, -
  • tip over in the journey and in the snow fall: with a history in love a bad luck will happen to the joy more different what will only raise, however, the love even,
  • sledge journey as a wintry pleasure: quite a history in love will occur,
  • sledge runnings see: warns about a reckless enterprise,
  • take part in a sledge running: one gets involved in a very risqué enterprise,
  • A young woman who goes in the dream on a sledge will have because of her beloved problems with her family. Their behaviour introduces her annoyance.


  • go: you come very fast to the aim,
  • see: The pleasure which grants no satisfaction,
  • load: Profit,
  • sledge journey: your shops falter something.
(See also ice, avalanche, children's slides, snow, ski)

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