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In general:

A loop in the dream symbolises the fear of the dreaming to get maybe by the behaviour of other people in captivity. He is aware of that that he can lie down the loop round the neck' '. Traditionally the loop is associated with the forcible death and can also have even today this meaning. Maybe the dreaming kills a part of his personality. Loop can announce that one will not 'catch' the expected dear partner. However, maybe she also wants to warn urgently about a trap in the other life.


It is something embracing. If one makes or sees in the dream a loop, one builds in the occupation and in other areas of life on what one has, and not on something that one could get, perhaps, first. If one lays somebody a loop, is as it were the trap about which our competitors should fall. Vice versa one can be caught, admittedly, in the loop of another, - then one was lured into a trap which can be of course also a dear case. A loop refers like the halter and other symbols of the restriction to taming a wild living being. If about one young man who would soon like to marry dreams of this loop, this can point out to the fact that he is afraid of the restrictions caused by the partnership. For a young woman who would like to go away from home a loop can symbolise the fear to be caught furthermore in spite of her further walking in the parental home. The loop in the dream possibly expresses the prevention of the self-printout.


At the easiest spiritual level a loop in the dream represents a traumatic death. In a more complicated sense she can show strangling spiritual intentions, tying spiritual energy.



  • see: daring adjustment, - one will get by the failure more different in great danger, - also: Care in shops,
  • lay: you get a bride,
  • of a person or an animal one put down: an advice will be rejected as undesirable,
  • hineingeraten: quick wedding,
  • around the neck: Need and worries, - one has itself in a situation by unfair means hineinmanövriert from which one had to go honestly herausstreben,
  • see themselves in one: in has to punish the wish to itself.

(European ones).:

  • means coldness, severity, injustice, - obstacles and competition against one must assert himself,
  • around the neck lie have: one has himself with squalid means in a bad situation hinentmanövriert and should aim fast at an honest solution,
  • on the way see lying: one should let with the coming business matters the biggest care prevail, because somebody sets for one a trap,
  • get in: Misfortune and perhaps setting if not a supporting hand should intervene.


  • you will not marry the girl of your choice, - a heart's desire does not come true,
  • see: one wants to deceive you.
(See also cord)

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