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Confession / confess


Confession means on the one hand that one admits mistake and guilt, on the other hand, hopes, however, for forgiveness which admits a new, lighthearted beginning. Often one is asked by the symbol of the confession in the dream to add mistake, finally, and to correct, or one would like to talk to himself something depressing of the soul about which one is quiet in the everyday life. If a strictly religious person dreams of the confession, he has edged out feelings of guilt or fear of it, 'punishment earns' to have.


The confession is a symbol of the cleaning and purification.



  • in general: the dream of a confession registers that in you a conflict about property and Badly originates which is to be solved,
  • monitor: You find out the whole truth and can be directed darnach.
  • put away: Soon you can count on a relief of your situation.

(European ones).:

  • confess to an authority: if registers a committed wrong for which one has to make up anyhow
  • confess to a priest: Degradation and worries experience,
  • go to the confession: Heart peace.
  • see: one reproaches to himself,
  • are present at one: sends a reminder to the investigation of his activities and Lassens,
  • even a father confessor be: one will become active in a beneficent enterprise.
(See also father confessor)

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