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Association: - have got stuck disagreeable feelings, fertility. Question: - With which emotions is I to be cleared up ready? What grows?

In general:

In the dream mud refers to the fact that the dreaming has the feeling to have got stuck. Obvious he has mixed up practical aspects with his feelings (earth and water). Mud symbolises desires, passions and material attempts which one himself feels as 'squalid', - often there stands behind it the fear that one cannot control them any more and goes astray which lead the other life in the misfortune. In general mud points to the unaware contents from which one can form the future life. Maybe one finds in the mud also a treasure or a jewel. Moreover, he can announce in particular cases the overcoming of psychic problems which originated from unaware contents, but also experiences from the past explain by which the dreaming feels handicapped.


Mud symbolises the basic substance of the life which rescues a unique potential for growth if one properly handles with it. The danger of mud appears when the person handles with him not properly. The other elements in the dream maybe give an instruction to what the dreaming should do. Who wades in the dream by mud, does not maintain in the awake life maybe the best contact, - there could be there people who would want him with pleasure to themselves in the 'marsh' of her excessive life herabziehen.


At the spiritual level mud in the dream symbolises the old material from which everything was formed, and the need to reflect on the essentials in the life.



  • see: Incommodities in view have,
  • enter: you come to squalid society,
  • wade in it: you must endure heavy strokes of fate, - in the choice of his friends one should be more careful,
  • get stuck in it and sink: are consumed by need, misery and desperation.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare that passions could get out of control and one no more steering system have,
  • see: warns about unserious contact,
  • or by mud-like morass wade: is valid for mind excitement and advises big care in the contact, activities and action, - by unserious contact one will lose in call and respect, - during the next days everything leads the way very tenaciously,
  • go by mud: one has reason to lose his trust in friendship, - in the family there will be losses and restlessness,
  • wade other by mud: it come to ears of a bad rumour about a friend or employees, - for the farmer this dream means low harvests and dissatisfactory yields of the cattle,
  • are stuck in the mud: now one needs much internal rest around a difficult situation in which one is stuck to get going again, above all one needs firm ground under the feet,
  • take a mud bath: one will release from mental charges,
  • mud on the clothes: own call is questioned,
  • scrape off him of the clothes: one escapes the defamation by friends.


  • see: Excitement and frustration,
  • wade in it: hard times,
  • get stuck in it: big worries.
(See also moor, reed, marsh)

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