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hit / blow

Association: - Work on childish fury. Question: - Which part of me wants to become adult?

In general:

If the dreaming hits another person or on an object in his dream, this his need explains to force influence by aggression and raw power. Hit (blows) which one receives in the dream, are after Old-Indian interpretation a sign for the fact that one is promoted and is favoured.


Do we get in the dream blows, is the nachschlag which we may expect in the awake life often the extra allocations in (business?) success. If we ourselves distribute blows, this circumscribes the unconditional will for putting through of own opinion. If the dreaming is physically beaten up or is hit in the play, this also shows that he submits to a bigger power.


At the spiritual level symbolised Hit in the dream, particularly if somebody must pocket blows, humility, torture and pain.



  • somebody: it become the rights know how to hit and to defend yourself severely,
  • get a blow: a profit in the play,
  • are hit: nothing against his enemies can straighten.


  • an ambivalent omen: If one fights with known or even beloved people, this one improvement allows to expect to the human respect with those people. If strangers are involved in the fight, one should think over the informal problems anew, because financial and/or human difficulties could arise. In general the symbol wants to remind of the fact that one better makes headway if one allows to prevail in dealing with people mildness and understanding. The sign also wants to say the dreaming that he inclines sometimes to give up much too early the control and to be guided towards vague ebullitions. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • blows mean an injury,
  • somebody: would be believed on the fact that the same happens to you, - sign of difficulties and quarrel,
  • get a blow: there threatens a cerebral illness, - also: a friend will render to one a big service,
  • defend themselves against it: there follows business success,
  • are hit: if brings reconciliation and promises reliefs,
  • are hit by furious people: tiff threatens in the family and discrepancies,
  • hit a child: one uses somebody, - maybe one inclines to treat a child badly.


  • somebody: you will receive an important office, - you serve a fair thing,
  • are hit: you will receive reliefs,
  • see distributing: Grief,
  • see fight: cheated love,
  • , besides, be involved: you have enemies.
(See also 'beating') Racquet (sports device)


(European ones).:

  • see: an expected pleasure will be prevented,
  • of A young woman forecasts this disappointment, because she cannot participate in a long-desired pleasure.

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