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In general:

Tollgate stands for obstacles on the other life which one will overcome only by openness.


The tollgate on a border (see there) reveals the inhibited advancement in the awake life. Sometimes he indicates sexual inhibitions, 'any more Do not get on' in a respect. If the tollgate opens to the second leg of the journey, this allows vague hope that something could turn in our life to the good.



  • stand before it: a big obstacle have to overcome, - one considers whether one is still on the right way.
  • see: in the next time one will bump into obstacles, - one should consider whether one is on the right way,
  • open or opening if one wants to happen: one must calculate on the fact that an obstacle will cause for one serious difficulties,
  • see a closed one: an obstacle can be easily overcome,
  • itself short-circuit see, before one wants to happen: The warning that an obstacle is especially dangerous by his sudden and unexpected appearance.


  • see: you will bump into obstacles.
(See also barrier, barrier)

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