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Association: - Sacrificial death. Question: - Which part dies of me, so that the rest can live on?

In general:

One interprets slaughterhouse as battles, however, the warning before the loss of the respect is still more distinctive.


In the reality living is killed in the slaughter-house. As a vision it points out to the fact that the dreaming kills unbeloved instinctive or impulsive sides of his character.


(European ones).:

  • see: Care before the shops in which one can be dragged by others which can also undermine, however, call and respect, - to an one: the lover will be afraid of you, - in the business an obscure misappropriation becomes known, there comes to unsightly apportionings of blame,
  • deal in one: if means loss of respect.


  • slaughter-house: dangerous business.
(See also 'burial', corpse ',' battles ',' death')

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