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Battle / battlefield

In general:

The people who were during the war, are pursued later still long in her dreams of all in what they have taken part. But during the war they dream of peace and hope. Who saw no war, for that war dreams are tips to private 'battles' and 'battles' with themselves or other. Aggression, rage, grief or compassion are found as the most frequent elements in war dreams. Which it also concerns specifically, always it is significant because it documents which feeling or which conflict has released this dream in the awake life. The key to the actual occasion of the dream mostly allows to discover, e.g., by identification of the being confronted armies, the scenery or the uniform of the soldiers. The course of the battle (Who has won who lost which manoeuvres there were, and which tactics was applied?) is of also great importance for the practical application of the dream. If one belonged in the dream to a regiment involved in the war, is this one cipher that security also lies in the big number. A dream of an invasion refers to the fact that somebody interferes with the personal matters, however, the violent or psychologically own interference can also mean symbolically in the living space more different.


Battle can announce excitement and disputes. However, often she asks to do the first step to the reconciliation with an opponent. Now and again she also points to the touchy weakness of the nervous system which must be treated. Also a frequent man's dream if the woman of dreams lets out no trick, around with opposition, verbal declarations of war and little refusal plays the (erotic) tension so hochzuschaukeln that the 'tired hero' is ready to perfect his 'conquest tactics' with constantly new (and costlier) to means. His passionate battle plan pursues him till the sleep.



  • see: one wants to fight against you, - danger!
  • are present at one: difficult obstacles have to overcome, - one should let by his decisions the highest care prevail,
  • battlefield: you will be got involved in scuffle, - you still have to overcome difficulties,
  • stand on the winner's side: one may hope for a life in luck and wealth,
  • stand on the loser's side: one will suffer by an unknown enemy soon substantial damage.


  • This sign draws the attention of you to the fact that you are about to proceed in a difficult situation - and probably without real cover. Act with the biggest care! Stand recognizably on the winner's side, find in the love soon big luck. Otherwise the statement of this picture depends very much on the remaining signals. It is important above all to know the opponent and to know on which side you are. An invisible or unknown enemy in a battle embodies the foreign regulation in the life. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • nervous Überreizung reminds to think of the health and to live more carefully, - the after-effect of own war experiences explains in the dream of soldiers, - generally confidential hostility means a lot of excitement bring, - with difficulties have to fight, however, those master, finally, - quarrel with neighbours or beloved people,
  • are present at one: you will reach by courage and boldness to your aim, - nevertheless, by indecision and inconstancy you will get in need, - depending on whether other visions come: your lover would like to cheat you, - you will suffer disappointments, - danger before pursuit, - if you are married financial difficulties,
  • threaten you
  • on the winner's side be: one will overcome the difficulties,
  • are defeated in one: bad shops will ruin more different own views.


  • experience: you will be reconciled with your friends again.
(See also war)

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