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In general:

In the dream it mostly acts around a protecting and sheltering mental function which is shown with this picture. This interpretation applies above all if the screen is stretched in the dream. In the professional life the dreaming must keep as a rule to the instructions of a superior. These release him from responsibility and give him a feeling of the security which is expressed in the dream.


The process of the growing-up requires from the person that he must finish certain things alone. The abilities which the dreaming has appropriated in this regard in the course of the time are shown in the dream with the protecting roof of the screen. The screen gives protection before all weather and is also a very old symbol for rule. A sunshade signals protective need before much too meddlesome person who would like to sun themselves in our shine.


At the spiritual level the screen is in the dream, all the same whether he should repulse the rain or the sun, a status symbol and power symbol.



  • see: Protection enjoy, - also sends a reminder to the care, because bad times threaten,
  • openly: your position is protected,
  • unanimously: you are careful and handles the danger,
  • carry: you can protect yourself from dangers and accusing,
  • leave or lose: it must be calculated on a disagreeable surprise,
  • close: tense relations within the family become soon better to themselves.

(European ones).:

  • protective dream, - fear of disturbances from a contemplative existence,
  • see: bigger seclusion in the next time, - promises a peaceful and quiet existence, - also: one will certainly receive in a predicament help, however, by own clumsiness one could come 'from the rain to the eaves',
  • leave: from a contemplative existence one will be roused rudely,
  • find or given or borrowed agree: unexpected help as well as advice and assistance,
  • stretch a sunshade: one misses his best chances instead of opening door and gate to the luck.


  • see: you get help in the need, - you will find a rescuer in the need.
(See also clothes, headgear, umbrella, sunshade)

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