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Dreams of containers like boxes or bags should explain generally, area of the psyche of the dreaming. Such dreams can lead on concepts like security, security and control - in the emotional or practical sense. However, a dream of heavy containers can also be a sign for the fact that the dreaming must throw down a load. The possible contents of the dream containers can be importantly for the interpretation of the dream. An empty dream container can mean that the life of the dreaming contents needs, either emotionally or by new challenges. If the container contained the possession of another person, the envy could register and the wish to copy the life style of another. A dream container into which the contents fit comfortably can be a sign for the fact that future obstacles are overcome. Have you packed the dream container yourselves? If so, already plan maybe, as you will handle with the problem. If your dream container contains personal things, this can indicate the need to escape from old person and to introduce the new. What do these things mean for you? If you are important, need maybe help with your 'spring-cleaning'. The interpretation of dream containers varies according to her form and her appearance, the kind like with them became handled, and the presence of other people in the dream. Were the containers certainly packed? If they were battered or leaky, this can mean that you should allow to prevail bigger care in your life.


(European ones).:

  • you will receive a present that had expected you before.

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