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In general:

Reed (pipe) often points to adaptability to the living conditions which results, however, not from weakness and insecurity, but from cleverness, consideration and calculation, - besides, one gives up himself not, but bends to the relations temporarily, until one can change them. In particular cases reed can point to indecision in a certain matter.


If in the dream reed seems, this is mostly a symbol for the strong adaptability of the dreaming, indeed, also for Wankelmütigkeit and unreliability. He sways 'like a pipe in the wind' as one says in an expression. However, the reed piston is a male sexual symbol. For the dream interpretation is always the whole connection and the state as well as to consider the surroundings of the reed. Besides, also the feelings of the dreaming play a role. Care is right if we stand in the middle of the reed, - then though the saving shore is close in the awake life, but we stand also in the morass or marsh (see there) which threatens to devour us. The vision appeals to our determination to the immediate action. If one cuts against it in the dream the reed and brings it in country, the situation is more favorable, because one is about to stretch with both hands from the mud, so that one can soon go on again on the street of the success.



  • see in the water: your indecision leads to incommodities, - have to go by some obstacles through, before one reaches in the open waterway, i.e. freedom to the action, - (17, - 21)
  • see: frustration threatens by freakish friends.

(European ones).:

  • see: Damage by carelessness, - warning before too big indecision or Wankelmütigkeit, - the friends are loyal not everybody, - one should well examine, before one trusts one, - also: one has in the dear rivals.


  • see: unsteady luck,
  • cut: you will have a quiet life.
(See also Kalmus, moor, pipe, mud, water)

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